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A weekly budget of 70 euros


Alot of people have been asking me lately how it is we survive on a budget of 70€ per week. So, I figure I'd hop back on posting my meal plan on here detailing where it is the money goes. This will also serve as a comparison to what we were spending 16 months ago in Kaiserslautern. It's actually still the same, what changed is how often I go to the store!

My meals are planned from Saturday to Friday. This works best since we do one big trip on Saturdays, where Pablo can help with carrying the things home! 

This week is a bit different, since we went to a BBQ on Saturday and had friends over on Sunday. I still went to the store on Sat, I just didn't buy as much as I usually do. So instead we'll be using last week as an example. If you follow me on snapchat, you'll recognize some of our meals ;)

Pasta/BreadQTYPrice45.53Side DishesQTYPrice20.36
Chips10.990.99Berliner 70g10.490.49
Sandwich Bread10.850.85avocado20.591.18
hamburg buns10.890.89OZ Durum11.791.79
Cheese Dip10.990.99Cheese Sticks10.790.79
fusili/farfalle20.951.9creme fraiche10.350.35
MeatsQTYPriceCanned Mushrooms30.491.47
Ground Beef (500g) 32.196.57Corn11.391.39
Chicken Breasts (600g22.995.98Tomato Sauce20.350.7
Shrimp13.993.99Garlic butter10.590.59
pizza al gusto21.593.18Goat Cheese(?)10.850.85
chicken und dip12.992.99tomatoes10.990.99
turkey schnitzel21.993.98
Chicken Breasts (500g)12.692.69BreakfastQTYPrice
10er eier11.191.19Oatmeal10.390.39
Milk 1.5%30.421.26
Cold cutsQTYPriceYogurt130.293.77
Salami10.490.49Cola 1.5l30.421.27
Shredded Cheese41.355.38bottle deposit30.250.75
Whip Cream20.30.6hefe bier10.340.34

With what I bought I'll be able to make:

Homemade pizza, both a Capriciossa and a buffalo/bbq chicken pizza
Ham and Egg tacos
Chicken Fajitas and rice
shrimp and bacon tacos with a spicy chipotle sauce
tuna sandwich

French Toast
Schnitzel (burger or as is with fries)

What are you eating this week?

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