Wanderful Wednesday

Universal's Island of Adventures.--What We Did


We were all set, we had a plan, first things first, Harry Potter. So, as soon as we entered the park we walked straight to:

The Wizarding world of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade.

We took few pictures during this walk and went straight to the HP & the Forbidden Journey ride. we knew Avi wasn't going to be able to ride it and since it was only us three we decided to do the "single rider" line. The good thing about it is that you don't have to wait so long, but the bad thing is that we didn't get to "tour the castle," instead we took a short cut.
 Pablo and I didn't mind so much since we had already been there, but this was Avi's first time so I asked if we could do the tour while Pablo was on the ride (instead of waiting in the child swap room) and they let us. Even though we did it backwards, it was pretty cool.

We did a total of 30 minutes in this ride, from entrance to exit. 
Once we got out we decided to ride on Flight of the Hippogriff, we had a longer wait time here, and ended up doing a total of 40 minutes.

Jurassic Park

I was pretty hungry by the time we entered this section, good thing we had packed a lunch, Avi and I ate one taco each while we were waiting in line for the Jurassic park river adventure. I didn't record our wait time but what I do remember is that we didn't get soaked. 
After the ride we walked until we found somewhere to refill our Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir cup and ate there.

Marvel Super Hero Island

Our next stop was the amazing adventures of Spider-Man. but it took us a while to reach the ride since we stopped by many of the stores looking for pennies and to take a picture with Spider Man! 
We also wanted to get on the Incredible Hulk Coaster since that had been a favorite of ours from last time, but it is temporarily closed so too bad! While we where here we got to take more pictures with other super heroes/villains and we took more pictures we had taken (& lost) last time.
Afterwards we rode the Storm force Accelatron. It was fun and the people in a different car were pretty funnny the guy kept making it spin so much and the girl was super panicking. 

Seuss Landing

It was on the way to Hogsmeade but this time we stopped to refill our souvenir cup and to get on two rides, Caro-Seuss-el and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. the latter was similar to the the It's a small world ride in Disney's Epcot, but you know, Dr. Seuss version. by the time we got out, it was starting to get dark.
We still had two complimentary express passes and decided we wanted to ride HP & the forbidden journey and the amazing adventures of Spider man one more time.we ended up waiting longer than the first time since there were groups of 5 people waiting in the single riders line. but once we got to almost the end of the line they took us to a third line for child swap, where we didn't have to wait that long, I rode almost right away while Avi and Pablo stayed in the CS room. Then it was my turn to wait with Avi while her got on the ride, it was okay, they were playing Hp and the sorcerers stone on the tv. 
Our pictures from the ride are so lame, first of all we were each alone, and second, they take the picture when you least expect it (or not, i mean, I am looking straight at the camera).
Then we went to the spider man ride, we used our tickets and went on the express lane. we smiled for the picture only to find out there are no pictures taken during this ride, they should really let you know in advance.

We went back to Hogsmeade again to buy the photopass (if we did it there we would be able to add the pictures from the ride to it) it was very late and dark as we were leaving it was just us and some of the workers, so I got to take some pictures without all the people, too bad I don't have night photography using a phone camera nailed, so the pictures are grainy.

I asked one of the workers if I could take the left over butterbeer home with me, but sadly he had already taken it inside.

What is one thing you have to do at an Amusement Park?

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