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As I mentioned before, the first park we decided to visit during our six day stay in Orlando was Universal Studios. We got to the park as early as we could, we had purchased the tickets the night before and picked them up at the kiosks. As soon as we went inside we got our picture taken by one of the many park photographers. 
We went straight to Shrek-4D. The attraction was different from what I remembered, the effects were actually pretty good, we all enjoyed it, especially the kids! From there we walked around to the Transformers ride, where everyone except my in laws and the baby got on, they walked around and sat in a nearby park area, while we did our thing. The waiting line wasn't so boring since they had a lot of things to distract us.
The ride itself was so cool, we hadn't gotten on this one before, the down side was that I got dizzyish-this was a first! Luckily we had some dramamine and I took tablet afterwards, I wanted to survive the day without this happening again!
After the ride we stopped for a quick lunch, and it happened to be right where the minions show would be, it was fun and the kids got to dance with some of the characters! Avi was in a group with a minion. Around twenty minutes after this show there was a Dora one, we lucked out and all four kids were in the same circle, and they got to dance with Diego! The best part? I got it on video!
After the shows we headed towards kiddie land where we lost a child for a couple of minutes (he drifted towards the "play area)" and the kids went on the water slide a couple of times and then most of us went on the woody woodpecker ride.
We then walked towards the Simpsons area, where the boys gave the hammer thing a try.. Sadly the line for the ride had over an hour and a half wait time, so we just kept on walking! We'll make sure to get here first next time we're here!
 ...we went on the MIB ride,
and then went to the most anticipated part of the park... Diagon Alley! We walked through the opened wall, and were automatically transported! we got to see the dragon on top of gringotts shoot fire and then we headed straight for the ride.
We had a longish wait time, but it was not so bad since Avi and her cousin made a little friend and they were playing together the whole time. and I was entertained by a group of people behind me that kept playing heads up.
The actual ride is a 3d thrill ride and you get to see Harry Potter and Voldemort! The ride had a bit of a malfunction while we were on it, it just stopped! So we got complimentary fast pass tickets for the inconvenience.
By the time we got out of Diagon Alley it was late and the kids where tired, so we decided to do one more ride before we left. We saved the Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem ride for last since there was a long queue in the morning, low and behold the queue was even longer now but we used our one-time-use Express Passes we got from the previous malfunction on the escape from gringotts ride.
It starts out with Gru talking to the audience, and a minion farts, it's pretty funny and it smells like bananas. This is another 3D roller coaster cinematic ride, and we were all going to watch it, even the baby! so half us stayed in the first row with a stationary seat, and the other half went to the top. If I got to choose I would definitely not sit at the front, I got super dizzy and the seat wasn't even moving!

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