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Why you should spend a day in Falun, Sweden

Hey all, this is my first ever #TravelTuesday post, and I will write about our trip to Falun, Sweden last September. We went there since my brother in law was visiting for work. We found a super cheap flight from RyanAir and visited Sweden for a four day weekend (more like two full days and two travel days).
RyanAir Flight Bremen to Nyköping.
We arrived at Nykoping at 4:40 pm on a Thursday & from there took a shuttle bus from Nykoping to Stockholm. Walked around (near the train station since we were on a schedule) found something to eat and then got on a train that took us to Borlänge and from there took a bus to Falun. 

Friday Morning while Chuy was working we got to explore the city, we asked at the hotel for a tourist pamphlet, they gave us one and we followed the advice and went for a stroll around the lake and took some pictures and then visited the coal mines.
Lake in Falunin Falun, Sweden
Falun, Sweden
Once we arrived at the mines we asked for information, we were unfortunately to late to take the tour that would take us inside, so we just walked around outside and visited the Museum.
Falu Gruva / Mines in Falun, Sweden
Falu Gruva / Mines in Falun, Sweden
Falun had a very interesting story, back in the day it was a very important city/area. It came to be thanks to a Goat named Kåre, who discovered the mine by rolling in the ground and "stained" his horns red. I really enjoyed touring this area.
a model of the Falu Gruva / Mines in Falun, Sweden

Mines in Falun, Sweden

Mine Musuem  in Falun, Sweden.
From there we decided to go back to the hotel, but stopping on the way to eat some pizza! We met up with Chuy and went to the Bjursas Ski Center, at the bottom of it there was a flea market, we looked around some and then went back to the hotel to eat dinner!
Sculptures in Falun, Sweden
That is all I have to write about our trip to Falun, hope you enjoyed reading the post, you can read more about Falun and it's history here. If you are ever in the area stop for a visit, it is actually quite interesting!

Have you ever been there or Sweden? If so, what city.

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