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Me vs. Getting up


Hi guys, so basically my week has been the usual with a little extra, like I mentioned in my previous post my sister is visiting & we can't wait until our vacation starts next week!

This week has had hectic traffic, Wednesday we didn't go to school because our bus was late & the next one too  & since they were going on an outing and she had to be there at a specific hour we would of missed them by the time we would of arrived. So we just went back home and called it a day.

Today we barely made it on time for school. 

I have three alarms. 6:33, 7:05, and 7:40... I use the 6:33 one Tuesdays and Thursdays.. (When I have to catch an earlier bus because I have German class). 7:05 has two purposes.. Tues and Thurs it is to let me know that it's almost time to take the bus. And MWF it is my alarm to wake up.  7:40 is also to let me know I have to leave the house. 

I don't know what happened today maybe I turned off the 7:05 alarm thinking it was the earlier one, but I didn't wake up until 7:40...

...Our bus picks us up at 7:48, I had 6 minutes to get myself and Avi out the door..  I got dressed (Avi too) then she got her yogurt to eat on our way to school, I brushed my teeth and we were out the door.  It was raining but I didn't know that since I didn't check the forecast during this time.. Good thing I had packed her rain jacket! I, on the other hand, got a little wet.
And then in the afternoon, we were going to go drop Avi off at school (├╝bernachtungsfest im kita) and go to a friends house to watch today's game... We went to wait for the bus at 16:12 and it had already passed, so we waited for the next one but then noticed that that one was behind schedule (something that is uncommon here in Hamburg, maybe even Germany) so we ended up being outside for 45 minutes...
and by random incidents missed the 17:12 bus which arrived at ~17:24.. We ended up dropping Avi off at 18:45 (instead of 18:00), and arrived at M&A's house 15 mins into second half of the game.

How was your day?

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