Me vs June.


I've thought it over and decided I will put my 30x30 challenge on hold until further notice. I was able to do 15 days, so I'm going to keep it at that, half the challenge complete; & later in the year I will do the second half. 

At least I got through May! 

What I will be doing is linking up with #TravelTuesday for the first time, Stay posted!

I had tweeted that my post titles would be related to TV Shows, did you notice my May post titles? 

Yeah, you got it, the show of the month was How I Met Your Mother

During May I watched NBC's Chuck, it was a really good show. I could maybe write a post about it but It would contain spoilers, if you haven't seen it yet. Maybe I'll hold off on that til later.  Anyways,  that'll be June's post title inspiration. but instead of labeling them "Diana vs." I opted for "Me vs."..

Today I had half a homemade pizza for lunch, something simple since it was just me. I can't wait for my sister to get here She arrives Sunday. The only thing I'm worried about is the food, I have no idea of how to cook for 4 people. I mean duh yes cook more,.. but I'd rather do complete meals for us with at least two sides, any tips?

Hope you  have an amazing week!

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