Me vs not feeling well.


Ever had that feeling of forgetting something before a trip, making a list, checking everything off and so on?

Well, today we had our flight in another city not so far at 9:35 am. The plan was to leave the house with the 5:18 bus.  We went to sleep late last night making sure we had packed everything we needed, then cleaning out the fridge..

I ended up going to bed at one am.. 
But struggling to fall asleep because I hadn't purchased the train tickets from hamburg to bremen and was unsure of whether to do it then or wait and do it at the train station that morning, when I searched for them the price had doubled. 


That was not something in our budget, beginning the trip with extra expenses was not the way to go.

I finally fell asleep but woke up at around 3 feeling super nauseated went to the restroom then back to sleep but awoke again in less than an hour. On and off again until 4 so I just stayed awake until Pablo did (around 4:30] and right when it was time to leave I threw up.

On the bus I was still not feeling well. And once we reached the train station I started to panic with the feeling of needing to throw up but I resisted the urge to vomit. 

Once Pablo bought the ticket I was relieved and felt much much better. 

Which led to a very pretty day in Edinburgh*. 

*Pics to be posted on a Travel Tuesday post!

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