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Furniture Friday.


My favorite room in the house, my this is a tough one, right now it has to be the living room, since it is so spacious, but we have yet to fill it. I've decided I will be reviewing the furniture we've recently bought for our house in Kaiserslautern, just because some of the items we've bought are worth it, it took us a long time to decide and well, this might save someone the trouble in the future. 

So far we have 5 major pieces of furniture and the rest will be bought within the next couple of months. It took us a while to decide what to buy first, we went over our budget and prioritized. We still have a lot of items on our list, and will be buying them little by title each month. 

After many trips to different furniture stores including the local POCO and Möbel Fundgrübe, we purchased a substitute for an item on the top of our list.

Since the dining room table is not top priority, we bought a temporary one. The kitchen table and chairs can be found here and here.

The chairs are a little wiggly but for 8€ what can you expect?  

The table is an okay size once we get our dining room set up this table can have other uses. Since it was the first thing we bought, we didn't have a wrench to fully tighten the legs, but that's fixable, and maybe then it won't wiggle as much.

The next weekend we bought a desk for Pablo's computer.

It's just a simple one but it gets the job done. We really wanted a different one, that included drawers big enough to use them as filing cabinets, but couldn't find one... so we opted for this one, that was not expensive and will eventually combine to of the drawers to create them into a big one later.

 I went to the store the next Tuesday to look for a couch we had seen and liked, I tried it out and the salesman told me that today was the last day we would find it on sale, so I called Pablo and we bought it to have it delivered next week.

I 'built' it as soon as it arrived and sent Pablo the picture, excuse all the packing mess.

I'm glad that little by little we're making a home out of this place, we still have to go to Hamburg to pick up the stuff we left at a friends house, we're just waiting to find a good rate on the train tickets. Next week i'll write about the other furniture we have.


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