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16hr layover in New York.


Our trip from Hamburg to Mexico was going to be around 30 hours, it is usually around 16 hours, but ours was double because we opted for having a 16 hour layover in a city we had never visited before. I had created a list of things I wanted to do during our layover in NYC and was very excited.

We arrived around 1 pm, it was surreal being in the airport. We were ecstatic, finally New York City! But when we saw our checked in luggage waiting for us at baggage claim, we were a little let down. We were definitely not going to be walking around the city dragging our suitcases. I don't know what we were expecting, it's not like they would keep our bags overnight in an airplane that was probably not even there yet, haha.
We walked around the airport trying to figure out what to do. Our best option was to leave the suitcases in a sort of baggage hold in the airport at $5.00 per bag. But since they closed from 10 pm - 7 am we would have to cut our time in the city short, So here's what we were able to do in our 7 hours in the city.
If you have an extended layover in NYC, then this post is for you! here are some tips for what we got to do while there. First things first, lets get to the city: we took the Airtrain to the the Newark Airport train station (free).
We then transferred to a NJ TRANSIT train and took it to Penn Station ($12.50 per adult, two ways).
We walked along 33rd street and to our left was the Empire State building, I was expecting something else, but was still happy to finally see it in person.
We turned on 6th street and walked towards Broadway and we kept walking until we reached Time Square.Here's what we saw during our walk:  
Posing with [Latina] Minnie. I also took a picture of Avi with the Avengers with her pink camera that stayed in Mexico and I didn't get to transfer the pictures, so they're gone. 
Then we walked towards Rockefeller center (we didn't worry about lunch since they had fed us well on the airplane).
We walked back and towards 50th st and 7th ave and took the Metro to Whitehall street, we walked inside the Whitehall Manhattan Ferry building and waited for the next one, rode the ferry to Staten Island and back. We got to see the beautiful city by night and the Brooklyn bridge and of course the statue of liberty.
We stopped for some Pizza on our way back to Penn station, and took it with us to eat at the airport, not before taking one last picture of the empire state building.
We Slept at the airport since we had too wake up at 3 am to check in for our next flight, it wasn't too bad (for me, at least) and it's something we get to check off our list!

So there you have it, what we achieved during our layover in New York city this past trip. There's a lot of things we didn't get to do though, so I really hope we get to squeeze a trip (or another layover) in the future!

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