By the Numbers

One month in Ktown by the numbers.


The 25th marked one month of living in this city and it's been weird trying to adapt. I saw this post on kiki's blog and thought it was a great idea to help keep up with what we did during the month, here's what we've accomplished in our first month in Kaiserslautern.

FIVE big suitcases filled with our stuff, some that we had left in Hamburg and some we brought back from Mexico.

SIX days spent at the universities guest house before we got the key to our apartment.

MANY trips to furniture stores.

ONE hour spent ice skating.
kaiserslautern on ICE
The ice skating rink at KL on ICE was smaller than I expected, but that was okay, It was only Avi and me, she was really excited about this but was sad she wasn't automatically able to skate/good. This was her second time ice skating but just as difficult as the first.

NO kindergarten, yet.
We still don't have a Kita, and it's even harder for us since Avi is 5, she should be in vorschule (preschool) already! I went to the elementary school near us to ask if they would accept her in theirs, but they only offer classes from first grade, so we need to find a Kita.. Send prayers our way so we can get a spot soon, 

12 HOURS of daylight. The sun comes out more and the days are longer little by little. We take advantage of this and sometimes stop by the playground on our way home from errands.

ONE trip to Mannheim to get fitted for new compression garments. We didn't really get to explore the city, only a couple of stores and a couple of tram rides. I hope we get to do more when we go back in two weeks.

Overall I guess it's just going to take longer to adapt than it did in Hamburg, especially since we still don't have a kita spot, and  I haven't found any "mom group" on Facebook from this city.

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