Luminacia - Paseo Santa Lucia


A few days into our trip in Monterrey I noticed a hunch of my friends posting pictures with this particular lit up cattle in the back ground.  During dinner one day, my mother in law mentioned that we should go to Luminacia..

So we took off one evening and it was quite a view!

If you ever visit Monterrey you should definitely take an afternoon stroll down the "Paseo Santa Lucia".  It is sort of like the riverwalk in San Antonio.

They had over 500 pieces of light and fun, lit up Christmas villages and decor all over the river as a part of promoting tourism in this city. and the show ran until January sixth of this year.

When I saw these I was like "ooh, they recreated cappadocia", but then I walked though them and noticed they were actually maracas and trompos (two wooden objects famous in mexico)

A giant piñata

The Chinese tradition of metal structures and illuminated fabric combined with technology was created back in 1996. Creating a spectacular show of light and color for the whole family.

If you visit during any other time of the year, you can observe the 22 different fountains that are also lit up, the most famous one being "Fuente de las Olas".

There is no doubt that no matter what season, if you visit during night time you will enjoy various colorful scenarios along the Paseo Santa Lucia. You can travel on foot or by boat, and this is an experience that should not be missed in Monterrey.

What do you think, would you visit it?

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