June 2014

Best of 2014.


I only posted a couple of times between Dec and Jan, I was going to do a sort of best travels of 2014, and started it but it stayed in my drafts. Since we are five days into February I figured i'd post it today. Better late than never. 

I would like to take the time and look back at five travels of 2014, they might not be the best but I will only be mentioning these five. Some I have talked about more than once on this blog, and I'm thankful we were able to visit these cities.

We took a day trip with some friends to Schwerin in february to visit the castle and its surroundings.

London was the second stop of our trip last June, and I loved everything we got to do!

Paris, what can I say about the city of love that hasn't been said already?

We had a 16 hr layover in NYC and it was the best ever, I haven't posted about it yet. Spoiler: we didn't do everything I had mentioned on my NYC bucket list, but we almost everything, and added a couple more stops that were recommended via the comments.

Monterrey was the last city we traveled to last year, and we got to visit our families and spend three holidays there (well, two and my birthday).

This has opened up a can of worms, so hopefully I can get back to posting often again. I even have a post about Hamburg pending!

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