As you can tell I've been very distant with my posts. So today I will mention the why and then little updates.  
Lately i haven't been able to get any posts finished, all because I am computerless, you would think this wouldn't be a problem, having a pc tablet and all, but it's the pictures that are missing. So lately I've been using Pablo's computer to transfer them and then uploading them to One Drive. Once I  get my pictures transferred to onedrive it is easy for me to use them,  now I just have to write everything up. But an empty house is not good inspiration,

What's going on:
- I'm really craving pizza but we don't have a functioning oven. 
- Some of our new furniture is getting delivered this week!
- We are still waiting for a call from the kindergarten to confirm a spot for Avi.
- I am really enjoying having a full size fridge, trips to the supermarket are less frequent!

- We still haven't gone ice skating and need to do so asap because Kaiserslautern on ice ends 2/15.
- We have a trip to Hamburg planned to bring back everything that's still over there.
- Avi and I will be visiting Mannheim on Wed to visit our new doctor and maybe visit the city, any recommendations?

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