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Pros and Cons to getting a loft bed with a slide. #FurnitureFriday


Loft bed with a slide can be translated to Hochbett mit Rutsche.

To continue on with reviewing the furniture pieces that we've bought I will review the loft bed (with slide) that we bought for Avi's room. These are somewhat common here due to the lack of space in most apartments.  We were excited for the fact that Avi finally has her own room, and while searching for a bed for her we were leaning towards a high bed and thought the one with a slide would be fun. so after looking in to it we decided to buy this "Spielbett Hochbett - Marco - Kiefer Massiv - Weiss mit Rutsche+Rollrost" via Amazon

it's fun!

We were a little skeptical about the slide, since the ones at the stores don't allow kids to climb them and we weren't sure how fast she would slide. After setting it up she tried it out and with no surprise we found out it does go pretty fast, but in the end we found a way to make it work. ;)

It is made of solid pine and measures Height: 113 cm (total)  ~68 cm (under) // Width: 98 cm // Length: 208 cm
It included a rolled slatted base, something that is not so common.
Has wide access steps for safe climbing up and down
The bed surface is 90 x 200 cm, which is good because we can use it for a while.. 
Ir came with assembly instructions for easy self assembly.

in the process of being built.
1. The space under the mattress will be used as a little cave where Avi will be able to play (but it can also be used as storage)
2. The bed itself has good stability.
3. it can keep a kid busy for a while.

1. The slide is steep and goes down fast.
2. You need to nail the slatted base and it doesn't come with the holes pre-made on the bed, so that was a bit of a hassle since we didn't have a drill.
3. Be careful if you have small children, make sure they are supervised, wouldn't want them to fall.

The recommendations from friends proofed that the bed does what it should, I just wanted to point it out that the slide is a little too fast, but there are ways around it. You can do like we did and buy the foam letters for a soft landing.

Many of the reviews online are positive, and I have to say ours is too, what do you think of the bed?

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