Five Friday Favorites

Five Friday Favorites and a diy ghost decoration


I figured I haven't posted enough this month so i'm ending the day with a five on Friday post. here are five things that have been happening recently:
Five Friday Favorites, A Guest Post, A DIY & more!

1) No School

That's right, school started last month and we already have our first couple of weeks off, they call it herbst farien (Fall Break). But since Pablo is using up his vacation days in December we weren't able to go on vacation. instead we've been doing things around the city.

2) DIY Ghost Decorations

Like we usually do when Avi doesn't have class we went to storytime at the library. But this time since it's close to Halloween they ladies had a craft prepared for the kids (and adults) to do in between the two books they read. I'm sharing the material list and steps with you:
DIY Ghost Decorations

Aluminum foil sheets
Permanent Marker.

1. Start with the ghost's head, by making a ball with an aluminum foil sheet.
2. Place the ball in the center of an opened-out napkin (or tissue), and then close your hand tightly around the "head".
3. Tie a piece of string around the napkin/tissue under the "head."
4. Draw some eyes and a mouth with a permanent marker

3) A New Moms group

Well it's technically not "new" I created a version of the HMM Group for us living in this part of the city.  We got together for the first time yesterday. it was a lot of fun, but poor Avi kept following all the little kids saying "if you're finished, put it away" after a while she started letting them play more freely. #LikeItShouldBe.

4) Clothes Swap

A group of moms got together for a clothes swap, I might be posting about it, it was fun and a nice way to get rid of  clothes we no longer need, whatever wasn't taken was donated to the refugees.  It was fun and we're planing on doing a toy swap in November, good for the holidays around the corner.

5) Guest Post

Curiosities discovered while living in Germany.
If you didn't know, back in April I participated in the A to Z Challenge, talking mainly about what it's like living in Germany. Well, today I'm guest posting over at Michelle's blog and I touched up on the subject, talking about 4 Curiosities I've discovered (while living in Germany).

What’s the highlight of the week for you?

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