Pablo's Oktoberfest Celebration.


Hosting an Oktoberfest party

Our Oktoberfest birthday party was a success, A bunch of friends came to our house to celebrate Pablo's birthday. Celebrate a birthday with an Oktoberfest Party
I had to go shopping on Friday because Saturday was a national holiday and the stores were closed.. Here's what I bought to serve during our party.. it included. 20 pretzels, 18 leberkaese slices, 16 white sausages, two obatzer, one "Brot Creme" Bread cheese, one sweet mustard, and a package of sauerkraut.
The food you need for an Oktoberfest party
I had to buy two mini kegs (because they're not as a big as a regular keg, but they still hold around 15 beers each) but  I bought one in the morning and one in the afternoon  to much stuff for me to carry in one trip.
Table set for an Oktoberfest party
Ones the tables were set we were just waiting for the guests to arrive and the party started.
Food table set for an Oktoberfest party

Guests Eating..
Avi the photographer helped with taking some of the pictures, I should really learn how to set it correctly before handing it off to her.
If you go to any Hofbrauhaus and order apple juice they will serve it in a beer mug (well, at least that's what they did for us when we went a couple of months ago). During the party we took advantage that a friend took mini ones and served Avi some apple juice in it instead of a plastic cup so she could join in
One last group picture:

If you speak/read Spanish, then you can also check out previous celebrations of Pablo's birthdays.

How was your weekend?

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  1. How fun! I love that the little one was able to join in with apple juice! :-)