Third Expatversary


We first stepped foot in Europe on October 9th 2012. Pablo had already been here for two weeks, so I knew what to expect based on what he had told me. I was a bit concerned, but excited for this new chapter in our lives. I still remember it like it was yesterday, and I can't believe today marks three years living in Germany. Third Expatversary in Germany
Third Expatversary in Germany

Our second year in Germany was similar to our first one, it involve visiting new countries, and even a trip to the hospital, to sum it up:

Avi's accident happened and it led to a month long stay at the hospital. Pablo wrapped up his masters program at the beging of December and we left for Mexico the day after. We had a 16 hour layover in NYC on our way there and it was the best thing ever! Over all we were extra happy we got to spend a month visiting our family since we hadn't seen them since 2012. 

We came back to Germany and moved to Kaiserslautern. Found out that Kaiserslautern was not a good city for us (no kindergarten for Avi? No Facebook group for non-military expat moms there?) and decided to move back to Hamburg, luckily Pablo was able to apply for a phd spot at the university here and got accepted. My cousin visited over the summer and before he returned to Mexico we finally got to visit Munich..

As she does every summer, Avi had three weeks off from day care, during which we took many trips to the library. We said goodbye to her kita (again) and she started vorschule (literal translation: preschool, but I think it stands for kindergarten grade level). And most recently, we celebrated Oktoberfest our way in honor of Pablo's 28th birthday.

As per the blog,

I did two blog challenges, the blogtober14 and A to Z in April.  I've been working on my blog everyday a bit more, I've more than doubled the number of published posts in the last year., and that's always good! Sometimes I stick to a blogging schedule other times I don't. I should work on that more.

                     October 2014   October 2015
Twitter:               425                  747
Instagram:          496                 633
Pinterest:            50                    244
Facebook:           44                   181
Google +:            58                   153
Bloglovin:           10                    60

My Goals for the next year:

- Try to at least double my stats, I've increased them some since last year, so I think it is very possible.
- Do something other than my deutschkurs (which is going great by the way)!
- Take at least three trips. Anywhere, and hopefully cross a couple of items off the European bucket list!

Bis zum nächstes mal,

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