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Previous Halloween Costumes
I'm linking up today with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. Today’s topic is Costumes! And I'm doing a little throwback and showing you some of ours. :)


Butterfly Costume for a Birthday Party
When Avi turned one we dressed her up as a beautiful little butterfly. We took her trick or treating for the first time and she had a lot of fun. She got really excited when she got candy after ringing the doorbells. 
Previous Halloween Costumes


Elmo Themed Party Outfit
In 2011 I don't remember what she wore while trick or treating, we went trick or treating with my brother and his kids, but I don't seem to have any pictures of that.. This one I posted is from her Elmo themed birthday party. and this next one is of Pablo and me at a friends Halloween party that year.
60's Halloween Outfit


Our first Halloween in Germany, I had barely been here for three weeks so we didn't do anything.


We found out kinda last minute that they do go trick or treating here, so we went downstairs and borrowed clothes from our landlords' "dress up" stash and went trick or treating with our neighbors.



Since we made the best out of a bad situation, she had to be a mummy. She was very bummed she didn't get to go trick or treating though, hopefully this year makes up for it.

Disclaimer: The costumes in the pictures may or may not be from Halloween, because her birthday is a couple of days after we usually do a costume party. 

What has been your favorite Halloween outfit?

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