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Today I'm giving you another home tour and showing you where I blog. It used to vary a lot, in our old home I used to blog from the couch, currently I blog from the living room.

Where I blog
It's not the same though, because I no longer do it from the couch. I was using Pablo's desk for a while, but then we got a new kitchen table and I brought the little one to the living room and placed it right next to his.
While I was still using Pablo's desk I used the little one to make the puzzle we bought while in Munich. as you can see we still haven't bought a frame for the puzzle so it's still on the table. I like how it looks though. 
Where I blog - my desk
I mentioned this in my home tour part 1 post, but we have not decorated the walls, I don't know if we plan on doing it, maybe later. 

Where do you usually blog from?

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