Christmas 2015


These past two weeks have been cool. I've really enjoyed spending time with Pablo's family. Living in Fort Mill we haven't really visited Charlotte city center, but my mom arrives tomorrow evening and it will be her first time visiting so I will take advantage and take her sightseeing.

I haven't been able to get on the computer much, which is always a good thing, no complaints, but I took time out of a lazy evening to write-up this post with five things I'm happy about even if three are from our Christmas eve.


We went twice to the movies, we watched Ted 2 the first time, and we left the house without telling the kids, Avi got so mad she locked herself in the room, when we got back she told me not to ever go to the movies without her ever again in my life. so the next time we went I made sure to let her know and asked her if she'd like to accompany us to see Star Wars.. she was super excited and had fun. .


We spent 8 hours here and didn't do a lot, we don't even know how we did it. But we ate, got six pictures with Santa, and I bought a new pair of pants.. so we can call it a success.

WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE three gifts per person we were bound to get something good..


After sending the kdis to bed, we waited a while and took out the presents, we organized them as pretty as we could and this is how it turned out:


I wish you a Merry Christmas, hope it's a blessed one, have a good one!

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