Christmas Card from Hamburg


I am currently on my way to Charlotte, and as we say Goodbye to Hamburg (until next year) I decided I would join in with my Expat Bloggers group-we have a special treat for our readers.

Today I am going to share a Christmas Card from Hamburg. We were able to go to a Christmas Market last weekend and I took some lovely pictures to create a cute postcard for you!

There are a ton of Christmas markets in and around Hamburg if you happen to be here during this time of year make sure to go to at least three different ones, most won't disappoint.. I also recommend visiting the main one at city hall, as there is a Santa flying with his sleigh at a certain hour, pretty cool!

Check out some of the awesome Christmas cards from my expat blogging group:
Christmas card from Krakow, Poland - The Twisted Red LadyBug
Christmas Card from Switzerland - Can't Google Everything

Where will you be spending this holiday season?

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