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Hi! Here's part two of Anda from The Twisted Red Ladybug's post, in the last one she talked about how she normally spends Christmas & what she does during this season. and she continues that in today's post but taking a twist on it! Part 2 of Christmas Traditions Abroad in Poland is all about her favorite things!

Tell me about your experiences celebrating Christmas abroad.

Oh, let's first of all get settled saying that I love Christmas with all my heart!

My first Christmas in Poland was quite interesting as I did not have enough holidays to go home, so I ended up with half a dozen invites from dear friends to spend Christmas with their families. Oddly enough, I ended up going to my husbands family (back then we were just at the beginning of our dating period).

Keep in mind that this happened less than half a year since I landed in Poland so my Polish language skills were a complete disaster (almost non-existent!) & Marek's family does not speak English (except the 2 sisters and the smaller brother). So... he ended up being the translator during our weekend stay :)
Christmas in Romania and Poland, you have to experience it at least once!
That was quite fun as there are a lot of similarities and differences between how Polish and Romanian people celebrate Christmas. The thing i was most afraid of was the language barrier. It was nice, and after the Christmas dinner, they brought the prayer book and they started caroling (lovely, you may think, but while Marek's family has a lot of qualities/skills, singing is definitely NOT one of them!). 

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Probably my very favorite is decorating the Christmas tree and caroling.

Caroling is a touchy subject and I tend to sing Christmas songs even in mid-summer, which tends to annoy my colleagues ;) I can tell by the look on their faces when I start singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas." Also, as soon as my birthday (26th October) is around the corner I start to rewind the Christmas playlists and I love that my better half has the same feelings about carols as I do, perfect match! I even blogged about some Christmas Polish traditions.

When it comes to the Christmas tree, we always contradict each other. If it were up to me, I would put it up 1st of December to March/April (right before Easter). What is the point of having a beauty in the house for only a couple of days? According to the tradition it should be put on the 24th of December and be on during Christmas only! Nonsense, I love the twinkling lights, I love the globes (ornaments) and the silky garlands; so why should we not enjoy them longer? ...Don't you feel the same about this!?
Christmas in Romania and Poland, you have to experience it at least once!

 When do you put up your Christmas Tree?

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