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Clothes Swap Party


Need to get rid of clothes but don't want to go through the hassle of selling it? set up a clothes swap with a couple of other friends, trust me the outcome is good for everyone.

I saw it first on pinterest and then a mom in one of my groups brought it up. After planning it out, we got together at a her house. She had prepared a little buffet table which some of the guests helped fill with finger food to share.
We all took clothes we wanted to get rid of, whether it was clothes that no longer fits, we never wore or a color we never really liked. She had two long tables, a clothes rack, and a shoe section ready for us to fill. We started setting everything up, the before mentioned clothes might be good for someone else.
Once everything was set we started "shopping" for new clothes.
After we finished selecting a clothes we took a mini break to eat something, then once everybody was done (and before it was time to go) we all shared what we got, some ladies got more than others but nobody went home empty handed.
Even better, all the items that were remaining ended up being donated to the refugees in Hamburg. We also didn't leave without planning the next swap party, this time a children's toys & books swap, which I was unable to attend. 

Have you ever participated in a clothes swap party?

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