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Itried to think up of Five things to share today, but I couldn't so I'm going to share a bunch of randomness divided into four categories.

Five posts with the least number of views.

I started organizing my blog posts, making new images for the old posts, as I finally found a good enough layout to use. As I was going to them and updating the main picture I noticed that some of my posts have very little views/ These are posts I have yet to do the image for, but I am leaving the links here in case you'd like to show one of these love. Also they were all pre-disqus so they don't have any comments, feel free to leave one:
  • 21 views - 30x30 challenge week 4 -- I challenged myself to take part in the 30x30 challenge and recapped my fourth week.
  • 24 views - SuperSunday VII at our place --a get-together with my English-speaking moms group, but the partners are invited too!
  • 29 views - Schwerin -- Our first trip of the year was to visit Schwerin Castle, I talk very little but the castle is worth visiting if you're in the area.
  • 29 views - What I do at work for Dreamlines Cruises -- Before my internship was up, I did something for the first time, read what here.
  • 30 views - Palm Sunday in Germany -- this was the first time we ever went to mass on Palm Sunday in Germany, what they did was pretty neat.

Making Appearences

I don't know if you follow me on my social media, if you don't then you probably don't know that I'm appearing in other sites! The three most recent ones are:

Battery Life

No not battery life, thankfully my battery life is awesome and it stays like that forever! The problem with my phone is it's  memory space.  I got my phone as a Christmas gift and not even a month later and the memory capacity is at it's limit.  I admit part of the fault goes to our trip in  January & the fact that I took a lot of pictures while sightseeing around Charlotte.
But what really annoys me is that the phone is supposed to be 16 GB.. why would they use 5+GB in phone stuff! and also the fact that they gave a unique cable that doesn't connect to a USB port. Pablo bought me a Type C to Type A USB cable already but he accidentally had it sent to our old address (in Kaiserslautern) from Hong Kong, so it's going to take a while longer to reach us than expected.

Ballet & Fitness Class

After so many years of people telling me I should put Avi in some sort of class I finally did it. Wednesday was her first day of Ballet,  She was super excited and says she wants to go every day (too bad it's only once a week(

 and Thursday I took her to gymnastics/kind of, it's more of a fitness class, but she was happy to be there, they had a sort of relay race and I was able to record Avi:

Avi at her first gymnastics sort of class today.
Posted by Diana Longoria on Thursday, January 21, 2016

How was your week?

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