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Meet Melissa - Solidarity Sisters III


Hey guys! Today I'm going to introduce you to Melissa! I got to meet her during January's Solidarity Sisters Challenge and it was very nice.  It was fun to be able to help each other with social media and to get to know each other. I'm introducing her to you with a little survey, enjoy!

Our blog is a collaboration of my best friend and I, who now live 2500 miles apart! We have both worked in the beauty and aesthetic industry for a combined +20 years but we also have husbands, kids and a wide variety of interests so we wanted to both share our knowledge, tips and tricks in the beauty industry but also the other things that help create a beautiful life, we are striving for that balance in our lives as well and love the community of women empowering each other and wanted to be apart of it!

Her favorite posts:

What are the top 5 cities you've visited.

London- I love the British National Musem
Accra- Happiest people in the world, love them so much!
San Sebastian- Most "romantic" place! You're not in France, you're not in Spain, you're in Gaul country!
Grand Cayman- The island lifestyle with the a strong infrastructure and clean!
San Francisco- it's my hometown and now that I live on the East Coast it is my top place to ""visit"". It's such an eclectic mix of cultures in a small space for a big city.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Horseback riding, surfing, snow skiing, painting, reading and traveling with my family

If you could wake up with an ability tomorrow, what would it be?

To fly! I know I should say something more inspirational but that would be the coolest!

What is your favorite recipe?

Low country crab boil is a local favorite and we are loving it!

What would you rather, stay in a luxury hotel or go camping?

Luxury hotel for sure! But the Chalkley Tree House in South Africa is a combination of the two and at the top of my bucket list!


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