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The Guy Behind the Blog - Currently


Hey, so I was doing the guy behind the blog posts a while back but then I stopped and I decided to give it a go again this month. Starting the new year right, and plus I will also be joining in on the kids behind the blog on Feb 10th!
January's The guy Behind the Blog prompts are a "currently" post, and here's what Pablo has to say:

Watching: Well I mean,GOT is on pause, Flash is on pause and we just finished season 8 of the big bang theory... we started watching Gotham in December.
Reading: 1984 by George Orwell, and a bunch of papers at work.
Listening to: i don't listen to anything
Dreaming of: huh, I don't know
Eating: homemade food, and i'm especially loving the chicken with veggies.
Learning: I'm learning about model predictive control for linear parameter varying systems.
Wishing: ummm.. I don't know
Obsessed with: I don't have obsessions. (Diana says: that's a lie, he's obsessed with dark souls, he reaally wants the collectors edition, but we haven't found it at any game stop in Germany)
Loving: my family?
Planning: Quoting the joker: "do I look like a man with a plan?"

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