The Kids Behind the Blog Vol I


I'm always happy to find new monthly link ups, and I heard of this new one, which features the kids that made us mamas, on Crystal's blog "Hall Around Texas." Today is the first edition of "The Kids Behind The Blog" link up. and without further ado here are Avi's responses to this month's questions.

1.) Where is your favorite place to go?
hmmm, New York,. because I like it there it is my favorite land [she used to say it was because spider man lives here].

2.) Who is your best friend?

3.) If you could be a superhero what would your superpower be?
[oops, at first i misread and said which one would you be, and she answered with:] my favorite one, and my favorite one is the flash.
[but then I asked again:] uhh, speed [really?] yeah, because i'm the flash. 

4.) What is your favorite candy?
oh my gosh i don't know! the chocolate that is papa's favorite chocolate. [twix]

5.) Who is your Valentine?

Hall Around Texas

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