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I figured I'd post Pablos questions for February’s The Guy Behind the Blog on Feb 29th, since that's this month's theme and because you know, I forgot to do it on the atcual date this was supposed to go live.

This year is Leap Year — what are you going to do to celebrate?  Nothing
If you could create an obscure holiday, what would it be and why? None. (thinks about it for a while) a Not go to work day, to not have to go to work on this day.
Have you seen the movie Leap Year? If not, tell us about another romantic comedy you have seen.  No, The only one I can actually remember by name is The Ugly Truth.
Tradition has it that women are supposed to propose to their men on leap day. Would you (or did you) say yes if your girl popped the question? That ship has sailed.  Editors note: He won't answer a hypothetical question, he sucks, but it's okay, I still love him. 
If you had to have a special event take place on leap day, what would it be (ex: wedding, birthday, birth of your child, etc)?  To get my PhD on this day (in four years ;))

As always, short responses, How'd you spend today?

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