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Valentine's Day in Germany


Today I'm joining the Circle Linkup with Kiki for a blogger Valentine’s Day. This year, we spent Valentines day in Berlin & Schwerin. Pablo's brother was visiting and we decided to go to Berlin for the weekend, more on that coming later.

For now, let's talk Valentines day. we spent it visiting an aquarium, a castle and then eating burgers. It was a pretty good day. We didn't exchange gifts between us, we just said the trip was our gift to each other.
If you're wondering how Germans celebrate valentines day, here are three examples to give you an idea:
- Germans don't say "Happy Valentines Day" to each other.
- The stores decorate with hearts and offer special products to customers.
- It is aimed to the adults, kids do not celebrate it at school with a party or by passing out valentine cards.
I had a good day and hope you did too, here's a valentine card for you.

How'd you spend Valentine's day this year?

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