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Happy Travel Tuesday!

We've been back from our trip for a while but I haven't shared many details of it. I'm starting today and sharing what I took from Germany and what I brought back. 

It all started a couple of weeks before we left Hamburg, we took time to go searching for things to take to our family members. What do you take someone who has never been here? We asked our friends for pointers, made a list and mainly stuck to it. 

What I took from Germany

I also took a couple of gifts, mainly white elephant gifts, for our family Christmas party. chocolates and and a some typical of german christmas-season snacks.

What I brought Back

I made a list and send it to my mother in law. She was nice enough to bring me some stuff from Mexico. and for the past two weeks I've been enjoying being able to cook things that I don't normally cook (here in Germany).

Those Piñata2go, Easter eggs (you can't find the fill-able ones in Germany), a pumpkin for Halloween and some random items to decorate stuff.

Some more items include: Cooking Gadgets, and some plastic containers for Avi's school lunches. a glass coca cola can because the idea of it is cool and gifts we won during the white elephant gift swap.

Not pictured are Avi's toys, there were just too many and the first thing I did was take them to her room, didn't even sort them before like I did with these.

What's a must-take/bring items from your country?

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