How I finally have some sun!


It's the middle of the week and I thought I'd update you guys with happenings in our lives. There are so many random things I thought I'd combine them into one post.

Nice Weather

I finally have some sun and with it comes some hot weather, which in an a/c less world is not that cool! haha. At the moment I am definitely not complaining, Avi spent yesterday and today playing in the garden with our neighbor, Rosa, and they took advantage of the weather and turned the sprinkler on-at least they get refreshed! 

Mall time

We stopped by the mall today after I picked Avi up from kita, they have a little "get prepared to go to the beach" corner and Avi enjoyed her time there. Sometimes she cooperates and has a good time at the mall other times we just spend a half hour at their coin machines.


I am still doing the 30x30 challenge I just did not get to upload yesterdays #TrendyTuesday post since I don't have the pictures of the weeks' outfits. At least this week won't be so difficult to decide what to wear because it is "endlich hell und warm" (finally warm and bright).

Change of Plans

We had a mini cruise scheduled for next week but unfortunately it got postponed for June, so we might end up not going on it :/ . But I am excited because it's almost time to see my little sister!

Have an amazing rest of the week!

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