How I tell you more about me.


This morning I will tell y'all a little more about me. 

I moved to Mexico when I was 18. I had just completed my first year of college and decided I needed a break so I went to Monterrey "to visit." 

At first I lived with my Godmother (& her family) who was nice enough to let me stay in her home. Her oldest daughter was 13 at the time, so she was getting a head start in what it would be like when she was a little older! 

Anyways, I found a job, I started in July and decided I would like to stay longer than just the summer. I stayed at my aunts house.

Around a year/year and a half later I moved into my brothers house & in the weekends Pablo & I would stay at my mom's house. In December his family invited me to go with them on vacation and then when we came back I moved into his parents home. 

In 2012 he was offered a scholarship to move to Hamburg, Germany and we've been here since, waiting to find out what is in store for us in 2015.

The reason for me telling you this short story of me is because it has come to my attention that before moving here everything was easy for us, we were still young and living with parents. 

On Tuesday, while at the Hamburg Mothers Meeting, and making margaritas I suggested we "salt the rims" but the birthday girl said, no we don't have any "Williams-Sonoma margarita salt" and I was like "???, never heard of that" after thinking about it, I figured out that the reason I didn't know was because I left the states when I was 18, and didn't really drink...

Another conclusion I came to, was that before here I didn't really drink coffee, I had the occasional Starbucks, but I'd rarely go buy one, either with friends or because I had a coupon. I didn't really drink coffee, I think that started last year while working in Netvacation and the cappuccino machine was broken.

The things I think of while being homesick! I really am praying that we're able to visit by the end of this year,  God help us find cheap flights!

Bis zum nächsten Mal,


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