Start of a new month, hopefully a new journey.


Here we are, May 1st, only weeks away from summer, we have our vacations coming up.  Flights are booked, now we just need to book hotels, airbnb to the rescue!

 so if you've read my bio you should know that I have a degree in International Commerce, which I received in 2012.  A little after graduating we moved to Germany & four months later I did an internship in online marketing, which was cool but it only lasted six months.  So I haven't really had an opportunity to work in my profession (& the language barrier doesn't help much).  I haven't been able to find a job yet, since the ones I've found require German, & I still don't have enough to get me through an interview. :/  I have been going to German classes since last October and they have helped me a lot.  Now I must continue searching for a job in hopes that I can find one soon, this is crucial, especially if we want to stay in Hamburg after Pablo graduates.
So, if you know anybody that works at an import/export company that requires somebody who speaks English or Spanish please let me know!! 

Until later, 

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