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How I visited Stade


Happy Travel Tuesday! I'm going to talk about Stade today.. but before I do let me tell you that Verkaufsoffener Sonntag (Open Sale Sunday?) happens four times per year and on 04. Mai (May 4th, 2014) all the stores were open in Stade

Stade is a part of the Hamburg metropolitan region and located on the lower Elbe river. If you have a monthly ticket that covers Großbereich Hamburg with HVV you should be able to visit Stade without paying extra. Since we hadn't visited the city and had heard so many great things (our landlords used to live there a while back), I convinced Pablo we should go and we did!
Here are some pictures from our day trip:

I packed us a picnic to eat while there, but since all they had were open air stores, we were freezing. May weather in northern Germany is sometimes not what it's supposed to be! There wasn't much sun and a lot of wind, which made it chilly!
All in all it was a really pretty city. We got to walk around and went into a few stores and boutiques.
One more city crossed off our list!
Bis zum nächstes mal,

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