How I fill a Travel Edition Liebster Post.


Hi all, so truthfully my blog still hasn't really been nominated for the Liebster award (wink, wink), but it was an open invitation from Foreign Geek who nominated all her readers for a Liebster Award (Travel Edition) + A Giveaway. There are different versions of this award, basically fill out [11] questions from your nominator and in turn nominate other bloggers with the purpose of sharing your blog and other great ones with the world.

1. What gave you the travel bug?

Hubby received a scholarship to do his masters in Germany, we are taking advantage & visiting around since moving within Europe is not that expensive!

2. How has travel changed you?

I don't think it has, well, maybe. I guess it let's me appreciate more of random stuff.

3. What was your biggest travel blooper?

Can't think of that at the moment.

4. Where are you going next?

We will be doing a "Euro Trip" next month with my sister, who will be visiting us!!

5. Why do you blog?

Basically, to keep our families up to date with our daily lives away from home and it is just a place to write what is going on with our lives.

6. What are your carry on travel necessities?

Travel documents, Bus pass, Wallet, Phone, Charger, Activities for my daughter, make up bag, snacks, Kleenex,

7. How do your families respond to your vagabond lifestyle?

They're okay with it, they know we are taking advantage of our time here by getting to know as many cities & countries in Europe as we can!

8. What's your favorite city for eating?

We had some really good pizza in Venice.

9. What's your worst transportation horror story?

I have two, don't know which is worse, take your pick.
When we arrived in Venice, we then had to take a bus to reach our camping site.  So we do and we got off at what was supposed to be our stop [but the stops there are not like in Germany, they are called "Blah Blah st, Blah Blah st, Blah Blah st" instead of "Blah Blah st I, Intersection at Blah Blah, Blah Blah St II,"] and arrived at the campsite but had to wait because it was lunch break for the receptionist.  We waited, then when they re opened we went to check in but they couldn't find our reservation, I showed them my phone they read it and.. it turns out we were at the wrong camping site, so we ended up having to walk a long while (the buses were not that frequent and we didn't have anymore time on our ticket) after asking again for directions (to make sure we were headed the right way) we made it.
When we arrived in Florence we took a bus to go to our hotel.. we missed our bus stop so we got off at the next one which wasn't far from the Hotel itself, just walk a little more than planned, no biggy right?  Wrong.  When we started walking we noticed that the sidewalk disappeared, all that was there was grass so we had to be extra careful (we had our daughter and a stroller to worry about) it was super dangerous, the streets were little two lane ones so when no car was coming we would run, and then move away from the street when they were close. we continued like that for a while until finally we made it to the next available sidewalk and walked from there.

10. Where do I absolutely have to go and what do I need to do when I get there?

Have you been to Mexico? It could be that I'm just homesick or maybe not, but there are many beautiful cities worth visiting & there is a lot of delicious food.

11. Tell us your top place that you want to travel to and what you would do there.
I’m not sure of what I would consider my “top place” at the moment. I would love to go to the Bahamas, or Thailand, just enjoy the beach while there

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