How I remixed the fourth week.


Hi, happy Tuesday y'all.
This past weekend was incredible! It was nice, sunny, and warm; we stayed outside a good amount time eating plenty of ice cream!

This #TrendyTuesday I will let you know what I wore last week, as you may have noticed i have only been posting five outfits per week, that's because I am only doing it Monday - Friday... Saturday and Sundays are not being counted in this challenge (well, at least not picture wise).  This week I am still going picture-less, once I have them I will update the post with them.

Day 13:
All brown :)

Day 14:
Leggings & dress.

Day 15:
Jean shorts with Pink top.

Day 16: 
Green skirt with plaid shirt

Day 17: 
Black pants & yellow shirt.

This thursday is Vatertag (Father's day) & Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension) which is a holiday that is always celebrated on a Thursday in Germany & "nothing" will be open, Pablo might go out with some friends since this day is also known for men of all ages going out bbq'ing and gettin' drunk! 

I'll post more on that later, after it happens. & well even though taking Avi to Kita on Friday isn't mandatory we don't have anything special planned for this long weekend!

Until later,

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