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European bucket list, what's on yours?
A while back I posted a Harry Potter Walking tour by LONDON WALKS, but I opened that post with my bucket list, since it was that weeks' travel tuesday prompt. but I feel like I didn't do the bucket list part justice. and I don't know if you noticed, but I've shared many bucket lists lately, so rewriting my european bucket list seems like a good thing to do, i've seen a ton of posts featuring my cities, and including some of them within this post.

I will be re-sharing my European [travel] bucket list.
This is my bucket list of places to visit in Europe. I won't be planning anything other than this since we don't know if we'll be traveling to Asia anytime soon, or if we'll be going to Seattle anytime soon either (even though I'd love to).

Vienna, Hallstatt, and Salzburg, Austria

All three of these are on my list, i'm prioritizing on Vienna, and seconds to Salzburg, and I'd like to visit the castle there.

Budapest, Hungary

My cousin will be visiting Budapest next month during his "Vienna, Budapest, Prague" tour, i'm wish we could be going too, but we'll have to save that for a later date. I can't wait until i'm able to take a dip in some of those thermal pools!
European bucket list, what's on yours? Visiting the Thermal baths in Budapest


With the RyanAir specials I'm sure we can visit Portugal.

Copenhagen, Denmark

It's so close to Hamburg, if we find cheap tickets it'll make a great weekend trip.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Ever since Kiki put Iceland on my radar I've been intrigued by this country and of course I'd love to go at the right time of year so I could see the Northern lights!
European bucket list, what's on yours?: Seeing the Northern Lights

Munich, Germany

I'd love to visit Munich during Oktoberfest season.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

I first heard of this place on a post about picturesque places, and with all the pictures on different blog posts i've seen I'd have to agree! I'd like to go here one day.
European bucket list, what's on yours?: The picturesque town of Rothenberg ob den Tauber

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Black Forest ant this castle have both been on my list since we first moved to Germany, and we still haven't gone, but we are potentially going down there when my cousin visits at the end of July.
European bucket list, what's on yours?: Neuschwanstein Castle, an inspiration for Walt Disney's castles

Santorini, Greece

White houses, blue roofs, great sunset views- YES, please! I'd love to spend some time here!
European bucket list, what's on yours?: The beautiful views of Santorini

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia has been on my radar since a couple of European friends said this was their favorite country.

Istanbul, Turkey

I saw Lauren's recap on the different Turkish breakfasts she had while there, and i definitely want to try them one day!
European bucket list, what's on yours?: A delicious Turkish breakfast in Istanbul

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