Five Friday Favorites

Five Friday Favorites - Strawberries, Family & More


Five Friday Favorites - Celebrations, Strawberry picking & more

Here are five things that have happened in the past week, to keep you up to date.

Pablo's graduation

It was such an amazing thing, and a bit boring, but being that it was held in German it kept me awake trying to follow along and everything.  
Me on Facebook:
yesterday was Pablo's graduation ceremony (3 hours long) and at the begining we couldn't find him when they entered the auditorium to take their place and Avi was bummed. :/ 2 hours later when it was his turn to stand in line to get his diploma Avi finally saw him and was happy waving at him...
He was actually the third one in line (from his study program) but the first two were absent and they called their names and nobody went... but when they finally called Pablos name we started cheering for him and then Avi yells really loud "PA-PAA" and everyone started laughing and while we were in line for the buffet a lady asked if she was the little girl who yelled "papa" and that it was cute of her, haha.

Family Arriving

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My cousin will be in Germany for the next month doing a couple of summer courses, and we're taking advantage and showing him around, sadly we won't be doing what we did last year and go on another Euro Trip.  But we will plan different weekend activities (A trip to a German beach maybe?) and a little trip for the week after his classes end.

Strawberry picking

I blogged about this earlier this week you can check out that post for more on our first time strawberry picking, ever.

Budni Kinderfest

We went to the city center and bumped into a children's festival going on (I remembered reading about it so I suggest we go). It was hosted by Budnikowsky, a sort of Walgreens, but without the pharmacy section, here in Germany. They had many activities for the kids and Avi had a blast. It was cut short by rain, but nonetheless, it was still fun.

Movies, movies, movies

We've been on a movie buying streak recently, buying at least two per week.. it's so much fun going to the store and picking something out..  and much better than just watching something on Netflix, especially those new movies that haven't been already been added.

What was the highlight of your week?

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  1. What an amazing week for you guys! Congrats to the Graduate!!