Day Trip

That time we were going to visit Mannheim (& the time we did)


Picture this.. we go to the bus stop and it turns out we got there 3 minutes to late so we had to wait 15 minutes for the next one... then I notice Pablo didn't have his wallet so he goes back home to pick it up while Avi and I stay there.. All is good, we get on the bus and once we reach the train station we go to catch our train.. While on the train I notice that I don't have my wallet (I hadn't needed it since we traveled with Pablos's Job ticket) but we did need my wallet because I had Pablo's card in it and he didn't have any cash on him. So we got off at the next stop, Hochspeyer, and took the next train to Kaiserslautern.  By the time we got home it was lunch time, so we decided go grocery shopping and reschedule the trip for another day instead.
Hockspeyer Bahnhof
A little background on Mannheim: it is an interesting city that lies in the Federal State of Baden-W├╝rttemberg in Germany. It is the third largest city in BW, after Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. The highlights of the city for me are the Schloss (Mannheim Palace) which is currently being used as the university campus and Wasserturm, which is one of the city's icons and a very nice area to just go and sunbathe or read in the summer time.Mannheim Hauptbahnhof
In my opinion, it has a bit of everything and is big enough to call a city but small enough to move on its trams very easily.
Mannheim Wasserturm
 We spent the morning near the wasserturm area, walking around and admiring the buildings. It is a very cultural city, there is always something going on (ballet, opera, theater showings and concerts). 

Mannheim Wasserturm
Mannheim Wasserturm
Mannheim is a student city, mainly by the number of universities it has - Uni Mannheim, Mannheim Hochschule, and DHBW. The student's presence is quite remarkable. 
Then we visited a church, we missed mass by an hour, It would've been a good one since a lot of kids were doing their first communion
Mannheim is around an hour away from Kaiserslautern (depending on means of transportation it can be more or less) and can make a good day trip, or a quick stop on the way to Heidelberg

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