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The Circle Link up - Summer Staples


The Circle Link Up - Summer Staples

A little background: did you know that burn victims aren't supposed to be out in the sun until their skin is completely healed (which takes up to two years)? Well its true, I didn't know this, and had to find out the hard way, and for now we have to take extra care of the skin, so apart from compression garments we need sunscreen and UV clothes, Some of our summer staples will cover that and the rest are things that shouldn't be missing in our bags this summer.

Summer Staples // Nurture Voxbox

But anyways, some of the items that we need this summer are:

** Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask.
** Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen (Sensitive) - We need this especially since it is summer and the sun is out almost daily, which is not good for Avi because she loves spending time outside and this will definitely help protect her skin.
** ATTITUDES Shampoo - I'm excited to try this new shampoo during summer time, we all need volume in our hair.
** skinfix Rash Balm we are nowhere near diaper stage, but this rash balm is good to keep her scars hydrated by soothing and protecting the skin from wetness, friction and irritation. 
** Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Easy Fries -Will go along perfect when we grill some burgers!
** Uncle Ben’s Rice (not pictured) - I love simple side dishes, and since we have visitors coming again this summer, it will be great to help feed everyone.
** RedVines will fit perfectly into one of our weekly family movie night.
** Non-Drowsy Dramamine, this may come in handy if we decide to take a ferry while we are out exploring the city, when said visitors arrive.
- Sunglasses 
- Lipstick
- Bathing Suits
- A floral Skirt.

** I received this items complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

What are your musts for this upcoming season?

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