Day Trip

A day trip to Heidelberg


I've decided to catch you up on what we did in the cities we visited near Kaiserslautern while living there.  The first day trip we took was to Mannheim, but it was a quick one, we had an appointment at hospital and that's basically all we did, so it doesn't really count since Avi and I didn't do much exploring.

But it all changed once Pablo got his job ticket the first place we wanted to see was Heidelberg, since many people had mentioned this pretty city and its castle to us. With recommendations like that what more can you ask for!?

As soon as we arrived we took a bus to the Altstadt (which was the last stop) and looked for a place to eat. Then we walked around and made the hike up to the castle's garden for what could have been a great view of the city, if only we had visited on a non-rainy day!

Here are some random snapshots from the day:

and a sideways one so you can do today's neck exercise :).

we focused mainly on the castle, and the views from the top since with his ticket we could visit for free on weekends and holidays, and said "we'll see more when we come back another day" ...if only we had known we wouldn't visit again.

Have you ever been to Heidelberg?

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  1. What a pretty looking city! Hopefully someday you will get back when it is sunny out!