A to Z Challenge

J is for Just (go for it)


J was going to be job hunt, but looking for a job in Germany is like looking for a job anywhere else, you look online or in the newspaper then you apply and hope for the best.

I've changed it because sometimes you just have to go for it. For example, take the weekend off, go explore.

In hamburg we had our gesamtbereich (total area) card with the HVV and with it we could travel wherever we wanted within Hamburg, including Stade and Lüneburg. we didn't take advantage of it as much as we should have but it's still good to know you can just hop on the train and go.

This was even better when we came to Kaiserslautern because Pablo qualified to get a "Job ticket" that covers 7 zones with SWK/VRN. With this card he can take up to three people everyday after 7 pm and on the weekends. So you can bet that since we have access to a good amount of little cities/towns we will be taking a bunch of day trips, visiting as much as we can before we return to hamburg at the end of May.

so far we've visited Heidelberg Castle.

Side view.
and We had planned a trip to Mannheim for today, and were already on the train on our way there when I noticed I didn't have my wallet (which had Pablo's card) and he didn't have any cash on him. So we got off at the next stop, Hochspeyer, and took the next train to Kaiserslautern. But by the time we got home it was already time to eat, so we went to the store to buy food and eat and we'll go to Mannheim tomorrow instead. 
Has that ever happened to you? Leave something important at home and have to change your plans?

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