A to Z Challenge

P is for Personal development.


Personal Development goes right along with the Knowledge you gain living abroad. This could happen many different ways, for example, learning a new language, soaking in the culture. Either or living away from your country will help you grow all while having a really interesting and unforgettable experience.

Living far from home, no matter how long, can be hard at the beginning. Even though changes are difficult it is necessary to go through them to build character.

As a mom, living in another country has taught me to accept a different type of society and culture in my daily life. With all the different interactions I have daily, I have been able to develop myself in unknown conditions while living in a place with different customs and traditions from what I am used too.

In all honesty, becoming independent and responsible helped me develop personally.  I was able to make new friends. accept different opinions and values and seize every opportunity I had to go to new places (still do, I don't think this will stop anytime soon). I was able to do all this in Hamburg and try to do it while visiting a new city too..

This will help me get through every goal I want to achieve in life, and appreciate the things I have.


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