A to Z Challenge

K is for Knowledge.


Knowledge, noun

:information, understanding, or skill that you get from experience or education

Living abroad helps you grow, especially since you have to accept this new culture and its traditions. You become more knowledgeable and aware. You don't necessarily have to be living abroad for this to happen, 

You can increase your knowledge while walking around your hometown and seeing something new for the first time. Or it can happen while taking a vacation and are out exploring a new city/country. 

  1. She gained a thorough knowledge of local customs.
I can especially relate to this, I have mentioned it before in previous posts. I think that with learning the language of my host country I am expanding my knowledge. Everyday we learn something new, whether it's when we go grocery shopping for the first time in a new country or because we did something wrong during our first month abroad

All valid reasons, we should never stop increasing our knowledge.

Don't you agree?
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