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T is for Travel.

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South Padre Island ca 1995
I love to travel, ever since I was very little, we would always take road trips with my family. The first long road trip I remember going on was to visit Acapulco. 

the travel bug has not gone away over the years. I actually never saw myself leaving North America. I always thought it was sort of impossible for me. 

But then one day, Pablo decided to apply for a scholarship to do his Masters in Germany, he applied to many different schools and finally chose one in Hamburg. but he didn't coma alone,he brought us in tow, and i'm very thankful for that.

One thing we've been sure to do was take advantage of our proximity to other countries, our first trip within Europe was to Holland, Easter 2013, the train from Hamburg to Amsterdam cost us 242.58€. I'm not sure how far ahead I bought it or if it was more of a last minute, but back then I didn't know much of Europe's cheap way of traveling, I think I could've done that trip for a lot less, maybe next time we go back! Later that year Pablo's older brother came to Europe for work, and we decided to go visit him in Falun, Sweden. I knew better and this time we paid 140€ for our plane tickets (roundtrip).

For today, in the a to z challenge I will be sharing my favorite travel websites, the ones I use to plan our trips. 


When your planing your trip long in advance you can book your train tickets via bahn.de and sometimes you will find a good deal (this is how I booked my train to Holland).


We use this one for booking last minute train tickets within Germany (some are for international trips to). When Pablo had to go out of town for a job interview last November he used this website to book his ticket and it cost him 27€ to get from Hamburg to Kaiserslautern.


For cheap flights all over Europe, use Ryan Air, just remember to print your ticket and only take carry on, so you don't get any additional fees.This is perfect if you want to take a three day trip somewhere, the only thing is.. it might not be a weekend trip, because depending on where your going to, the flights might be once a day every other day or every three days. If you book far in advance you can get them for as low as 17,99€.


Plan your trip using Rome 2 Rio, I used this last year for our June 2014 trip. I really like using this website, you put your origin and destination and it gives you different options to get there, using all means of transportation, once you choose the one you want it will send you to that website and you buy it there.


I use this one to book our accommodation, usually after I've spent many hours looking through airbnb and haven't found anything. 

Are there any additional sites you use for planing your trip that I didn't mention, mention them in the comments!

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What is your favorite website for traveling within Europe?

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