A to Z Challenge

D is for Driving.


If you have just moved to Germany, or are stopping by for a visit you might consider renting a car, especially if you want to check off an item from your list (speed limit-less highways much?). but let me tell you, it is not necessary, the transportation system here is very good. 

...but some people would rather, and sometimes it is necessary.

You see, before we moved to Kaiserslautern we were living in Hamburg, and there we never needed a car. so we never really worried about switching out our drivers licenses. You are able to use your current card the first six months, but once you apply for residency after the six months you would need to switch your license for a German Führerschein, but since our licenses are from mexico we weren't able to just switch it out, we needed to practically start from scratch (retake both the practical and theoretical exams.. this will set you back at least a thousand euros, so we won't be getting one until we really have to.

if you are interested in learning more about the easy process for switching it out, you can read Alex from Speaking Denglish's post from when she swapped her license before her 3 year mark in this country.

Have a nice weekend.

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