A to Z Challenge

U should have been for Update.


So, I didn't succeed in this challenge but it's okay, I'm skipping the V and going back to U.. If I weren't doing the A to Z in April challenge, today I would've posted my three months update. so that is exactly what I am going to do. 

by the numbers


...afternoon was spent exploring the city we will be leaving in one month (that might conclude my by the numbers series, but that's a story for another time, or next month ;) ).


...ways the Kaiserbrunnen (Emperor Fountain in Kaiserslautern) can be seen as a three dimensional history and story book, which I will explain in detail later, but for now, take a look at some of the pretty interesting things it has to offer:


...day trips, one to Mannheim and one to Strasbourg, France. They were both very pretty but it was raining when we went to Strasbourg (like it did when we went to Heidelberg), why we choose to travel when it rains, I will never know. I'll have a post about both of these sometime later next month, either before or after we move, I really don't know how busy I'll be.


...days until I go to hamburg, once i'm there I need to start apartment hunting (that has already started but I have the interviews to see them then).


...kindergarten for Avi, this makes me extra extra happy!! After all, this is the main reason we're going back, not being able to find one in K-town and all.  I called her old kita in Hamburg, told them we would be going back and asked if they had place for her and they said YES! so she'll be starting (like her daddy) on June first. :D


... blog posts in the month of April. I just had to add this to my by the numbers post since it was a big part of my third month here.

Next month looks like it will be quite busy, a lot of trips and packing in between. Good thing it has so many bank holidays, and since Pablo needs to use up his vacation days before he leaves we'll be taking advantage and combining some, whether it's visiting places on my VRN bucket list, or just finding an apartment and moving, there's a lot to be done.

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