A to Z Challenge

W is for Work.


This is actually the last post I have regarding my theme for this challenge. the next three days I will be winging it.

I really like the Work Environment in Germany, yet again the only work experience I had before moving here was in a call center. I still think my six month internship was the best, here is some of the things that occurred that I really liked.

You learn

I created this blog in 2013 when we were learning about java and CSS at work. We had to create a blog/webpage for a made up company. so we did that, but then I decided I would do a real one and here you have it two years and 150 posts later!

Working times

As in many other places the working hours are regulated on a legal basis by the “Arbeitszeitgesetz”. Working week of more than 48 hours on average during a 6 month period must not be exceeded. And as I mentioned before, you usually don't work on Sundays and national holidays, unless you work at a restaurant or gas station.

Team Meetings

I know this is done in other places, since we had these in Mexico also.  Basically, we have weekly meetings to check our stats and how well we're doing, this also works for giving feedback.

Team Lunch

We have a team lunch once a month, whether we order pizza or go to a restaurant, or have a picnic at the park. This is a great way to coexist with your coworkers. Once every six months or once a year they might also plan a little escapade. While I was working at Netvacation we went bowling, and other events that occurred that I didn't attend was they went to the Hamburger Dom (a carnival in Hamburg), Rabatzz (an indoor playground for kids and adults), and a day trip to the beach

On my last day of work


Better yet,  "going away lunch" it doens't necesrialy mean lunch, you can bake a cake and take it to share with everyone, take sweets, or set up a little snack table. I'm not really sure why, but it is very common to do this here. You also do this If it's your birthday.  And in return everybody will chip in 1-2€ (or more, depending on how many people) to buy you a going away/birthday gift,   

How do you like the work environment in Germany, it's pretty interesting to me, Is it similar to yours?

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