A to Z Challenge

M is for Moving.


This morning I really did not want to write today's post, I was all like 

"I don't know what I was thinking of when I came up with my a to z theme regarding the letters F and M.. seriously, finding a home and moving within Germany?" 
But then I looked over my notes and noticed it was actually 'Moving Abroad' not moving within Germany,.. so yes, that's totally doable. and here you have me writing this post! :)

In reality there are many reasons for which you will move abroad, but in my opinion there are three main ones:

because you found love.

day trip in Pisa.

to study.

at his Master Thesis presentation

to work.

Praktikum bei Netvacation

We moved to Germany so Pablo can do his Master's and when he completed that he started looking for a job, and now he's working on his PhD as a research scientist.and will be doing that, but in a semi different field when we move back to Hamburg at the end of next month.

If you are currently living abroad or have in the past, what was your motive? 

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