A to Z Challenge

S is for Saving.


Saving money can be good for many things, including traveling. There are many options for save money in general, here are five ways we save money and are able to travel with just one monthly income.

Eat in.

I've been planning my meals for almost a year now, and this has really helped in saving money, since we always eat at home. Last year was easier, when Pablo was working from home. we never ate out (we usually do this when we're on vacation only). When I was working, I always packed a lunch, no need to spend an extra 5€ per day.

Drink at home.

It kind of goes right along with not eating out. Here it is common for the office to have a coffee machine, so while I was working, I didn't have to buy anything on my way to work, I drank coffee there. But now that i'm not working.. I usually buy a pack instant coffees and prepare them at home, all you do is . you boil hot water, pour it in a mug with the coffee mix and bam, you have coffee.

Don't buy name brand.

There are some things that you have to buy good quality, but for everything else, buying the store brand will save you a couple of cents per item, and this will add up. another good tip is not buy things just because they are on sale, make sure it is something you need and will use.

Start a 'loose change' jar

You will be surprised at the amount of money you will find in your pocket at the end of the day (this is the case for us, at least). I did this last year a lot, and used that money to pay for washing our clothes. You can find more use for this loose change if you save it.

Cut things out of your budget.

Log on to your online bank account and go through it, do you see at least one expense you can cut? Do it!   While I was working in customer service, one thing I always recommended was bundling up the services, this can save you quite a lot with your TV provider.

What is one way you usually save money? Do any of five ways I mentioned apply to you?

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